5:00 PM, November 3, 2018
Hampton Park Lagoon
30 Mary Murray Dr, Charleston, SC 29403

Do NOT meet at the gazebo. You will be watching someone else get married! Look for us near the lake in the center of the park. We’ll be the blond guy and the girl with the short black hair.
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5:30 PM, November 3, 2018
J. Stark
208 Coming St, Charleston, SC 29403

Please RSVP by October 13th! We want to be sure we have plenty of food to last you well into the night!
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After Party

10:00 PM, November 3, 2018
Moe’s (or other watering hole fit for cool kids)
714 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC 29403

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Day After Brunch

12:00 PM, November 4, 2018
Someplace Tasty
1 Tasty Ave., Tastyville, SC 2940YUM

We’d like to gauge interest in meeting for brunch on Sunday. We’ll definitely be eating. We thought maybe you’d like to, too? No pressure, though! Totally not a requirement!
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carly reed walker