Wedding Info

A Map of Where To Tell Your Lyft To Go

You guys! I just looked at the ten-day forecast and it’s supposed to be in the 70s on November 3rd! Huzzah! Anyway, here’s a map of where you’ll need to go for the ceremony and reception. You’ll be heading to the parking lot on the northern side of Hampton Park for the ceremony. From there, keep to the right of the lake, where you’ll find a large oak tree with a nice, sheltering canopy near the fountain. That’s where you’ll find us.

After that, we’ll be at our shop at 208 Coming street. That’ll be the dot on the lower right of the map. Can’t wait to see you!!

Questions your mom is probably asking about the wedding:

It says “married by the sea“ on the save the date. Does that mean I need to prepare for sand?
Good question, mom! Nope! Not at all. We said that because it sounded lovely and Jess is a poet. In truth, we’re getting married in Charleston, and Charleston is by the sea, so we made it fit. We‘ll actually be getting married in a park, so no need to worry about sand in your nether regions!

I see on the website that your reception is happening at your shop. What’s up with that?
By hosting our wedding reception in our beautiful retail space (in the heart of Charleston, SC), we afford ourselves the ability to do basically whatever we want. Drink gratis cocktails til you drop, dance your asses off, laugh your faces off. There’s no cutoff time. The party ends when we say it does.

What’s the weather like in Charleston in November?
Fall is the very best time in Charleston. It can be warm but not hot. Cool but not cold. Maybe the best advice would be to bring a jean jacket or a shawl to wear over your sleeveless dress and you’ll be just fine. Not to mention that the majority of this event will be held indoors, so it’ll be climate controlled. That being said, obviously, it‘s weather. So please don’t hold it against me if there’s a freak snow storm (there won’t be) or a torrential downpour (we will technically be on the tail-end of hurricane season). But I’ve spent many sunny, hot days at the beach in November, so anything’s possible. As far as the technical stuff goes, the average temperature in Charleston in November is a high of 67 and a low of 53.

I‘ve never been to a fall wedding that transitions from a park to a retail shop before. What does one wear to such an event?
So, here’s the thing. We love any excuse to dress up because we spend most of our days in jeans and a T-shirt. So we’re going to look nice. Not formal. But nice. There’s no actual dress code or skirt length or jacket type you need to abide by. If there’s this one jumpsuit that you look bangin’ in, wear that one jumpsuit. You like wearing a blazer over your T-shirt? Do it. Sneakers with your suit or skirt. Yeah man. Use this event as an excuse to dress up for drinks with your friends. But it’s important to remember that we’re aiming for a healthy combination of looking good and feeling comfy.

Will there be food?
Yes! Yes, people. There will be food. Good food. Our favorite pizza makers will have their mobile pizza cart fired up to sling the best pies in Charleston all night long. Not to mention a most excellent spread of snacks set up to sustain your dancing and drinking so you don’t actually drop.

I’m kind of an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kinda person. Do I need to come to the after party?
No!! Not at all. I think, for us, the after party is a fun way to go tromping through the “seedy” parts of Charleston in our wedding duds and share one more with our homies before last call. But it‘ll be vodka sodas and French fries, so will you really be missing out? Probably not.

Can I bring my kids?
If we invited you to this wedding, then you’re on a small list of folks we really want here. Our shop, however, is not an ideal location for children. Especially little ones. We want you to be able to cut loose and enjoy yourselves. But if your little one cuts loose, they might bonk their head on a low shelf or prick their finger on our angry little cactus. If, however, leaving them behind is a deal-breaker, then hit us up and let’s chat. We can probably work something out, even if it’s just a really awesome babysitter for the evening!

Anything I forgot to ask?
We should mention the comfort level of the reception. This will be a largely standing-room-only event. There aren’t a lot of places to sit. And we want folks to stand, dance, and mingle. So be aware that you won’t have a lot of options to sit and chill.
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